Cult of Gemini are Kathy Frey and Rachel “Ginger” Lazarus (yes, they are both Gemini). In the Zodiac, Gemini has been considered one of the most precocious signs, gifted with insatiable curiosity, exceptional communication skills, and are typically lauded as multi-dimensionally talented. Kathy and Ginger are no exception, and have a great range of complementary skills. Kathy is a trained graphic designer and marketing maven, an internationally known wire sculpture and jewelry artist, small business owner, and photographer with a great eye for composition and context. Ginger is an accomplished accountant and manager, language to emotions and vision translator, event producer, and an experienced photo stylist with an eye for detail and the unseen. Where Ginger charges out of the gate, creating momentum and energy behind their collaborations, Kathy reins in the horses so that the detail and message of their collaborations keeps the intended voice and structure. Together they create a dream team with a balance of creativity, hard work, curated style, and a desire to let the true voice of any project shine through.

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