TwinStar Podcast Episode 031: Tantra + Limiting Beliefs

Kat’s been studying Tantra, and it’s shaking up her ideas of self care. The ultimate self care focuses on you, your own feelings and caring for your own needs. It’s a path of learning about self in a caring, non-manipulative way. If we can get below the stories and actually listen to the messages of our bodies, we’re paving the way to intimacy and deep connection.

Surprisingly, this is a vulnerable place where we get below the triggering and are in a place of witnessing. Bringing things back to our feelings gets us to stop stirring up the dramas. This type of deep inner knowing also lays the foundation of trust in ourselves; no longer will we concede pieces of ourselves. The story is what allows a person to not be 100% of themselves.

Stories get us to jump to conclusions, end points or possible solutions whereas acknowledging feelings and desired feelings opens up possibilities without assumptions. Ginger and Kat dive into some of their stories and self-limiting beliefs, touching on flow, work ethic, allowing joy, and comfort.

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