TwinStar Podcast Episode 032: Abraham Hicks + Being in Flow

YouTube piques Ginger’s interest by suggesting Abraham Hicks’ videos. She jumps right in and gets inspired, especially about the idea that it’s our thought patterns that either point our canoe upstream or downstream so to speak. The Gems talk about being in the flow, when they’ve felt it, and how to cultivate it. What are we feeding? What are we paying attention to? We can leave the stories behind and focus on where we want to go. Putting this vibration out into the world helps us cultivate what we want.

Ginger and Kat do a quick Psychic Fair recap since they hadn’t even discussed doing 2 full days of individual Tarot readings with a few breaks for 3 Fates Bone Throwing with Amalia Scott and a couple TwinStar Throwdowns. The experience certainly put them each in the flow. Kat’s new relationship is giving her the experience of having her energy at the end of the day be reflected back to her — in this case someone else felt the flow, the fun, the lightness and buoyant energy. The Gems set their sites on more of that!

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Abraham Hicks website

Video: When You Care Less, They Care More

Danielle LaPorte

The Mystery School video series by Frater Xavier

See Jane Do by Elisa Parker: Everyday Women Doing Extraordinary Things

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