TwinStar Podcast Episode 033: Self Expression + Feeling Connected

Ginger shares a recap of her 2-week trip to England and Scotland from whence she just returned. She and Kat touch on expectations and unmet desires and how sometimes you just gotta go with the flow of how everything is unfolding. The Gems discuss the idea of being adaptable versus being empathic, especially as it pertains to traveling.

Ginger also talks about feeling disconnected from everything: the shop, Kat, her guy, her garden, her dog, her life overall. She came back from travels super relaxed but did hope the distance and time away would wake up that desired connection so she would feel dropped in and grounded in her life again. The convo turns to ideas of generating that connection internally rather than pushing for it or chasing it.

Kat had some major shifts while Ginger was gone. After wild Beltane festivities in the shop (and many other subtle factors that had been building subconsciously over time), Kat woke up and decided she needed to cut her hair (a whole foot removed!) and quit Facebook. She wanted to really SEE herself in the mirror and be more in the present rather than always looking outside herself and wondering if she needed to be sharing what was happening. Ginger and Kat discuss the ruse of social media; at first it seems like connection but it really isn’t.

The Gems wrap by talking about creating a small biz culture based around support; how can they get everyone in the shop to feel supported? What does that look like? They ponder many other questions including the doozy… asking for your 100%. Sometimes that’s the hardest place to go because you don’t even know what it is until retrospection.

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