TwinStar Podcast Episode 034: Support + Holding On

Geminis often work long and hard, which can result in malaise, tiredness or even burnout. Gems also love shedding skins and reinventing themselves, but they don’t always take time to incorporate and fully settle in to a big shift. Ginger has been observing this in Kat since her big move last November in the midst of holiday retail season, and the shifts have piled on with letting go of her jewelry identity and entering into a new romantic relationship.

Kat’s been on a quest for spaciousness ever since doing The Desire Map earlier this year. Ginger’s had to ponder how she’s been “holding on” to many aspects of the business they have together or even ideas and expectations. Once she fully let go while on vacation, she started wondering how to support Kat in doing the same. Enter the idea of The Sabbatical.

In this episode the Gems challenge ideas about how a small business needs to be run, especially one the crosses friendship lines as well. What’s good for you? The business? Your friend? And can these ideas morph into core values that support and inspire everyone involved?

This episode culminates in the official decision that Kat will start a sabbatical from Cult of Gemini beginning on her birthday, June 17. She’s filled with doubts and questioning but is willing to trust in the mystery to see what arises. This episode is anything but that as Kat is in full Gemini/Vata mode of scattered overstimulation… but she’s gotta start somewhere.

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Only a few links are mentioned in this episode:

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Magdalena Curtis : : Radical Embodiment

Amazing photo of the Gems by Darling Dear Photography

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